February 15th

09:00 -


By Bart Eggen

09:15 -

Keynote 1

Mikael Simons

Munich, DE
Innate immune mechanisms in remyelination

10:00 -

Amanda Sierra

Leioa, ES
Born to be a phagocyte: developmental maturation of microglial phagocytosis efficiency

10:30 -

Coffee / Tea

11:00 -

Sally Cowley

Oxford, UK
Modelling neuroinflammation in vitro with iPS-microglia

11:30 -

Keynote 2

Francisco Quintana

Boston, US
Glial control of CNS pathology

12:15 -

Lunch and poster session

14:00 -

Chotima Böttcher

Berlin, DE
Compartmentalization of myeloid cell responses in neuroinflammation


Lot de Witte

Nijmegen, NL
Microglia in MS: Are they as bad for a positive mood as we tend to think?

15:00 -

Rosa Paolicelli

Lausanne, CH
The Alzheimer’s disease risk gene INPP5D modulates synaptic pruning by microglia in the developing hippocampus

15:30 -

Coffee / Tea

16:00 -

Keynote 3

Marco Prinz

Freiburg, DE
The myeloid side of the brain

16:45 -

Drinks and poster session

18:30 -

february 16th



By Wia Baron

09:45 -

Jerome Hendriks

Hasselt, BE
Myelin induced alterations in cellular lipid metabolism direct the reparative properties of microglia


Short talks

(selected from abstracts)
By: Viktor Al Naqib & Ivana Geric


Coffee / Tea


Keynote 4

Martina Absinta

Milan, IT
Decoding and hiPSC-modelling chronic inflammation in multiple sclerosis

12:00 -

Short talks

(selected from abstracts)
By: Fabia Filipello, Gabriela Lyszczarz & Aletta van den Bosch

12:45 -

Lunch and poster sessions


Susanne Kooistra

Groningen, NL
MS lesion evolution


Joost Smolders

Rotterdam, NL
About these other CNS-resident immune cells: tissue resident memory T cells in the human brain


Maarten Witte

Amsterdam, NL
Meningeal immune cell - microglia crosstalk in cortical MS pathology


Coffee / Tea


Keynote 5

Wee Yong

Calgary, CA
Microglia - diverse roles in multiple sclerosis pathology

16:45 -

Concluding remarks

By Bart Eggen
* All lectures will be held at the Blauwe Zaal *


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